About Us

For a country which for centuries has been monocultural and one which has seen milllions of its citizens migrating abroad to seek a new life in a foreign land, Ireland now finds itself as the recipient of people coming from a wide variety of nations and ethnic groups.

The Lantern Intercultural Centre situated in Synge St Dublin, was established as a place of hospitality to promote intercultural and interfaith dialogue. Sponsored by the Christian Brothers, the Centre, as one of its goals, facilitates the formation and development of ethnic based groups (national, cultural, and faith), among which an International Womens Support Group has been formed. It is recognised that a significant issue affecting the ability of migrants groups to participate more fully in social and cultural activities is the difficulty in accessing premises and facilities. The Lantern Intercultural Centre meets this need. Up to 50 groups now use the space for a variety of activities. In the appendix, the groups currently using the Lantern Intercultural Centre as their preferred meeting place, are listed.