Lantern Intercultural Centre Ethos

The Centre hosts immigrants from up to thirty countries some of whom are amongst the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in Ireland. For many of them the Centre is the only special social space outside of the family or workplace where they can find hospitality and get the opportunity to meet and share their native language, culture, tradition and faith.

The founding vision cherished the aspiration that the Centre would become a place of hospitality inspired by the symbolism attached to it in the life of Nano Nagle who searched the back lanes of Cork each evening with her lantern seeking those who lacked food and shelter.

Amongs other groups the Centre plays host to:

Actors’ Workshop
Ancient and Honourable Order of Golden Dawn
Art of Living
Bar Swaps
Bhajan Singers
Be Fit Club
Brazilian Mothers
Buddhist Ritual
Buddhist Meditation
Camden School of Drama
DIT Chaplaincy
Ethiopian Orthodox Church
English Language Classes
Estonian Folk Group
French Community Church
Full Circle Theatre Playback
Georgian Musical Ensemble
Gnostic Studies
Gnostic Orthodox Church
Golden Rosy Cross
Group Healing with Jill
International Coaching
International Women’s Support Group
Iraqi Community
Irish Society of Counsellors
Joan Shields Singing Classes
Jung Society of Ireland
Kimbanguiste (Congo) Community
Latvian Cultural Society
Muslim Organisations’ Forum
National Youth Council of Ireland
Narcotics Anonymous
New Monasticism
Oneness Group
Poetry Evenings
Raga Yoga Meditation
Rosicrucian Order (AMORC)
Russian Language Photographic Group
Sound healing, toning and chant, crystal singing bowls and drum
Slovakian Folk Group (Ostroha)
Spiritists Society of Ireland
Society of Water Diviners of Ireland
Silence in the City
Sharing Sacred Texts
Shivam Yoga Classes
Spirit in the City
Tai Chi
Tamal Community
Three Faiths Forum
Togolese Community (Amen)
Tribal Drummers
Unitarian Film Club
Universal Peace Federation
WFWP Ireland (Women’s Federation for World Peace)