Group Healing with Jill, Healing Facilitator & Psychic Surgeon

Group Healing with Jill CostelloGROUP HEALING SESSION

Facilitated by Jill
The Lantern Centre, Synge Street, Dublin 8
Cost: €20.00

I am a healing facilitator and psychic surgeon and I have the ability to create a safe sacred space in which healing happens. During a GROUP HEALING SESSION, I call in/invoke my spirit guides, the angels, ascended masters and light workers from other realms. Respect is paid and permission sought from the spiritually intelligent selves and spirit guides of each person. There are a whole team of spirit helpers working on the people present and each person receives the healing and rebalancing that is right for them at the time. I am a healing facilitator, creating and holding a safe sacred space in which healing can occur.

If you would like to participate in the next GROUP HEALING SESSION, please contact Jill at 089-4254942 or through the contact page on above website