John Lockley South African Sangoma’s

“The Way Of The Leopard”

John Lockley-Sangoma's

Introduction to the Way of the Leopard Training programme. Indigenous medicine for the modern world. Saturday 26th of April 10 am until 4pm  in the Phoenix Room at the Lantern Centre.

* A One day workshop of Dreaming, Dancing and praying.

Reconnect with your own human instinct, and develop your sixth sense.

* The Leopard is one of the main totem animals in South Africa. By connecting with the spirit of the Leopard we reconnect with our instinctual nature, our sixth sense. This sense is what keeps us in alignment with nature, our ancestors and where we come from.

Rediscover your destiny and spiritual calling while learning ancient indigenous medicine from a senior Xhosa Sangoma.

*** This unique one day workshop will explore Dreams, Ancestors & our relationship to our roots.

+ Participants will learn how to reconnect to their Ancestors through prayer.

The workshop will involve African drumming, singing and dancing. John will play his South African drum and introduce people to the Sangoma rhythm.

John’s Background:
John is a traditionally trained Xhosa Sangoma (Medicine Person) from South Africa. He is from the same tribe as Nelson Mandela & Desmond Tutu. John served a 10 year apprenticeship under his Xhosa teacher, Mum Ngwevu, becoming one of the first white men in recent history to be given the title of ‘Ligqirha inkulu’ or Senior Sangoma. John’s elders fully support him on his mission to help people reconnect to their Ancestors.

John’s mother is Irish, from Dublin. So each time he returns to Dublin, he feels like he is ‘coming home’.

Exchange: €75
Concessions: €50

For Bookings & Information contact:
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